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Imagine no paperwork, no lost forms, no undecipherable scribbles, no unidentifiable signatures, no photocopying, no duplicate errors, no filing and immediate access to the data in tabular and graphical reports.

Wheelset Overhaul Wraps

Wraps to manage the repair and overhaul of wheelsets.  Work carried out includes re-wheeling, renewal of axles and bearings, brake discs, and overhaul of gearboxes, ultrasonic testing and dynamic balancing. 


Fleet Heavy Maintenance Planning project will be developed by Siemens Engineers based on existing spreadsheets. ExcelWraps will support the team by holding a number of ExcelWraps workshops.

Supporting Engineering Campaigns

Wrap data solutions gather data over the internet and stores it in a cloud database. MyWraps reports access the data and publishes it to your Wrapsite community.